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First select one of the two radio buttons. If you want to calculate your bankroll requirement given your win rate, standard deviation, and desired risk of ruin, select the "Bankroll" button. Otherwise, select the "Risk of Ruin" button to calculate your risk of ruin given your bankroll, win rate, and standard deviation.

Enter your information and click the calculate button. Note that only three of the four textboxes are active. The active boxes depend on which type of calculation you select. You must follow these guidelines for your entries:

Note that no units are expressed in the program. So long as you use consistent units, the answers will be correct in the same set of units.

This program uses the following equations:

B= -(σ²/2u)ln(r)
r= exp(-2uB/σ²)

Where u is win rate, σ is standard deviation, r is risk of ruin, and B is bankroll.

These equations were derived by 2+2 poster BruceZ.

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